Obern Group of Companies
Obern...the symbol of quality

Welcome to
Obern Group
of Companies
Obern Group
Obern group of companies is made
up of Block Industry, Haulage Unit,
Farms, Restaurant & Bar, Live band Entertainmentn and now developing a
consultancy unit
      the symbol of quality
Obern Block Industry
We make bricks and blocks for your
homesand offices. Fancy blocks, pavements
and interlocking bricks >>>more 
Obern Restaurant & Bar
At Obern Restaurant and Bar, we offer 
Native food and rich African cuisines.
Good food is good for your boby >>>more 
Obern Farms
Obern Farms is renown for producing rich
poultry birds and quality Fngerlings. Fish,
meat, gizzard just name it >>>more 
Obern Hualage
We maintan fleets of trucks for all your
hualage needs. Supply of sand and cement, moving blocks to your worksite... >>>more 
Obern Live Band Entertainment
We have live entertanment band for your
delight, giving you unforgettable sweet
memories >>>more 
Obern Consultancy Services
Information is key to success. Obern
resources will provide you with valuable info for individual and corporate success >>>more 
               Obern truck...